Parks and Public Lands
539.01   Malicious destruction of property.
539.02   Destruction of trees and crops.
539.03   Preservation of property and natural features.
539.04   Garbage, refuse, ashes, sewage and noxious material.
539.05   Hunting, fishing and molesting wildlife.
539.06   Fires.
539.07   Firearms.
539.08   Camps.
539.09   Disorderly conduct; intoxicating liquor prohibited.
539.10   Speed limit.
539.11   Trucks prohibited.
539.12   Reckless operation.
539.13   Stop streets; signs.
539.14   Parking.
539.15   Lights on vehicles.
539.16   Restrictions on travel.
539.17   Operation of vehicles under influence of alcohol or drugs.
539.18   Operating vehicle without license.
539.19   Operating vehicle without license plates.
539.20   Operating vehicle in unsafe condition.
539.21   Mufflers.
539.22   Operating vehicle on closed roads or drives.
539.23   Horseback riding.
539.24   Bows and arrows.
539.25   Vendors and ticket brokers.
539.26   Begging.
539.27   Signs; billposting.
539.28   Dogs, cats and other animals.
539.29   Closing hours.
539.30   Compliance with orders of  police.
539.31   Prohibiting the launching of any type of watercraft from the area known as the Eastlake Seawall.
539.32   Use of designated athletic fields and facilities by permit only.
539.33   Safety equipment.
539.99   Penalty.
Park and Shade Tree Commission - see ADM. Ch. 143
Shopping centers and public grounds - see TRAF. Ch. 391
Billposting on public property - see GEN. OFF. 541.08(b)
Parks and recreational facilities - see S.U. & P.S. Ch. 969