Chap. 711. Christmas Trees.
Chap. 713. Coin-Operated Dry Cleaning Machines.
Chap. 715. Community Antenna Television Systems.
Chap. 716. Wireless Communication Tower Facilities Franchise.
Chap. 717. Electrical Equipment and Fire Extinguisher Sales.
Chap. 719. Fortunetellers and Clairvoyants.
Chap. 721. Junk Shops and Yards.
Chap. 731. Mechanical Amusement Devices.
Chap. 741. Peddlers, Solicitors and Canvassers.
Chap. 743. Scavengers.
Chap. 751. Taxicabs.
Chap. 753. Phosphate Pollution Control.
Chap. 755. Game Rooms.
Chap. 757. Toxic Waste Disposal.
Chap. 759. Massage Establishments and Technicians.
Chap. 760. Adult Entertainment Regulated Uses.
Chap. 761. Entertainment Device Arcades.
Chap. 763. Food Packaging Materials.
Chap. 765. Parking Lots and Garages.
Chap. 767. Permits for Vending Devices in the Business District.
Chap. 769. Donation/Recycling Bins.
Chap. 770. Medical Marijuana Licensure.