Shopping Centers and Public Grounds
391.01   Definitions.
391.02   Administration.
391.03   Placement of traffic control devices.
391.04   Obedience to order of police officer.
391.05   Obedience to traffic control devices.
391.06   Speed restrictions.
391.07   Overtaking another vehicle.
391.08   Parking generally.
391.09   Parking in fire lanes or near hydrants prohibited.
391.10   Other parking restrictions.
391.11   Influence of alcohol or drugs.
391.12   Reckless operation.
391.13   Right of way.
391.14   Duty to stop after accident.
391.15   Unattended vehicle: duty to stop engine, remove key, set brake and turn wheels.
Department of Recreation - see ADM. Ch. 141
Junk vehicles abandoned on public property - see TRAF. 303.09
Traffic control devices - see TRAF. Ch. 313
Snowmobiles prohibited on public street or property - see TRAF. 377.03(a)
Littering - see GEN. OFF. 521.08
Malicious destruction of property; vandalism - see GEN. OFF. 541.04, 541.09
Injury or destruction of trees - see GEN. OFF. 541.06
Offenses relating to parks and public lands - see GEN. OFF. Ch. 539