§ 205.03  Regulation of Carrier Pigeons; Fee
   (a)   As used in this section “carrier pigeons” include homing and racing pigeons and shall be limited to pigeons which have the name of the owner stamped upon the wing or tail or banded on the leg with the name or initials of the owner, or with an identification or registration number stamped on the band.
   (b)   When a permit has been issued by the Commissioner of Environmental Health or his or her authorized representative, the owner or person in charge or possession of not more than twenty-five (25) pairs of carrier pigeons shall be allowed to fly the pigeons for necessary exercise and training under the restraint and control of the owner or other person.
   (c)   Permits for carrier pigeons shall be issued only on compliance with the following requirements:
      (1)   The identification mark or marks to be stamped on each pigeon or band shall be recorded with the Commissioner;
      (2)   Upon inspection, the structure in which the pigeons are housed is found to be in compliance with regulations prescribed by the Commissioner and is maintained in a clean, sanitary condition and in good repair; and
      (3)   The payment of an annual inspection fee of thirty dollars ($30.00).
   (d)   The keeping of carrier pigeons under a City permit shall not constitute a violation of permitting fowl at large within the City.
   (e)   The requirements of the zoning regulations relating to restrictions on location of stables and poultry enclosures shall not apply to the structure in which carrier pigeons are housed, when a permit has been issued as provided in this section.
(Ord. No. 2393-02. Passed 2-3-03, eff. 2-3-03)