§ 3137.03 Hazardous Installations
   (a)   Whenever it is determined that an existing electrical installation or equipment is a definite and serious hazard, the Commissioner shall require the correction of conditions creating such hazard within a reasonable period of time, but not less than thirty (30) days, except when an immediate hazard exists. However, any alterations, replacements, or additions to existing wiring and equipment required for the correction of such serious hazard shall be limited to the minimum necessary for the reasonable reduction of the hazard. When an immediate hazard exists, the Commissioner shall require immediate action, or action within a lesser time period prescribed by him or her. Should conditions creating such serious hazard not be corrected within the prescribed time period, the Commissioner may disconnect, or order the disconnection, of electrical service to such electrical wiring and/or equipment.
   (b)   Whenever it is established by inspection that a definite and serious hazard may exist, the Commissioner may order the removal, or may remove, lath and plaster, boarding, or other obstructions which prevent adequate inspection of the existing installation, but only to the extent necessary for such inspection.
   (c)   Any person using, or causing another person to use electrical wiring or equipment which has been disconnected, or ordered disconnected, by the Commissioner, without the written authority to do so from the Commissioner, shall be deemed to be in violation of the provisions of OBBC or this Building Code and subject to the penalty provided therefor in Section 3103.99.