§ 3137.08 Energizing the System
   (a)   Whenever a permit to install electrical wiring or equipment is required by OBBC and this Building Code, electric current shall not be supplied to such wiring to such equipment, except for testing, until authorization to do so has been given by the authorized inspector of the Commissioner. However, such authorization shall not be required for electrical wiring or equipment installed under a blanket permit.
   (b)   When electrical current has not been previously supplied to premises where an installation of electrical wiring has been made, the service lines of the utility company supplying the electrical current, if connected prior to final inspection and approval, shall be connected through an opened switch which shall be so sealed that it shall be impossible to close the switch without breaking the seal. Such switch shall be closed only by a person authorized to do so by the Commissioner and it shall be a violation of OBBC and this Building Code for any other person to break such seal or close such switch. Each such switch shall have a tag attached thereto specifying the penalty for unauthorized operation. Whenever such switch is installed, a written notification thereof shall be sent to the Commissioner.