§ 3137.09 Switching and Metering
   (a)   Lighting Switching. Switching shall be provided for each lighting circuit, or for portions of each circuit, so that only those areas where lighting is necessary need be illuminated.
   (b)   Three-Way Switches. Three (3) way switches shall be provided for all stairways to control lighting outlets illuminating such stairways.
      (1)   Exception No. 1: Automatic control of lighting may be substituted in lieu of three (3) way switches.
      (2)   Exception No. 2: Three (3) way switches are not required for stairways to unoccupied attics or basements which have only one (1) means of egress.
   (c)   In all dwellings provisions shall be made to determine the electrical energy consumed by each tenant, excepting those dwellings where the owner pays for the energy consumed.