§ 350.12 Temporary Signs
   Temporary signs, as defined in division (e)(11) of Section 350.03, shall be permitted in addition to otherwise permitted signs and sign area in accordance with the following regulations and other applicable regulations of the Building Code and other City ordinances.
   (a)   Banners. The area of all banners displayed for a business or other non-residential use shall be limited to twenty-five percent (25%) of the permitted permanent sign area. Each business or use shall display banners for no more than four (4) months during any calendar year. Banners shall be displayed only as wall, window, canopy or projecting signs in accordance with the applicable regulations pertaining to each sign type. (NOTE: Regulations of this chapter do not apply to banners displayed in the public right-of-way).
   (b)   Portable Signs. Portable signs shall be permitted only for community facility uses as listed in division (a) of Section 337.01 of the Zoning Code and for businesses located in Retail or Industrial Districts, and shall be displayed for no more than one (1) period of not more than thirty (30) consecutive days per calendar year. Portable signs shall be limited to one (1) per lot, forty (40) square feet in sign face area, and six (6) feet in height. Such sign shall be set back a minimum of one (1) foot from the street right-of-way lines and twenty (20) feet from side lot lines.
   (c)   Inflatable Signs. An inflatable sign shall be displayed no more than fourteen (14) days during a calendar year on any lot in a General Retail, Shopping Center or Industrial District. Inflatable signs shall be permitted in no other circumstances. Inflatable signs shall be limited to one (1) per lot, forty (40) feet in any dimension, and for display as either a free-standing or roof sign. The height of such sign above ground level shall not exceed permitted building height by more than twenty (20) feet.
   (d)   Window Signs. Temporary window signs, as permitted in Retail and Industrial Districts, shall cover no more than twenty-five percent (25%) of window area, as defined in division (a)(3) of Section 350.05.
   (e)   Pennants. The display of strings of pennants streamers, pinwheels, balloons and similar objects, as defined in division (f)(8) of Section 350.03, shall be prohibited except as permitted for carnivals and open- air festivals in accordance with the regulations of Section 329.07 and for new businesses under division (c) of Section 350.20.
   (f)   Other Temporary Signs. Real estate, development and political signs and signs for new businesses shall be permitted as temporary signs in accordance with other regulations of this chapter.
   (g)   Illumination. Temporary signs shall be illuminated only in accordance with the regulations of Section 350.07.
   (h)   Carnivals and Festivals. Notwithstanding the regulations of this chapter, temporary signs may be permitted for carnivals and open-air festivals in accordance with the regulations of Section 329.07.
   (i)   Safety Standards. Temporary signs shall meet regulations of the Building Code, National Electrical Code and other applicable codes.
   (j)   Nonconforming Temporary Signs. See division (d) of Section 350.19.
(Ord. No. 3076-A-89. Passed 12-10-90, eff. 12-20-90)