§ 350.09 Freeway Interchange Signs
   In order to provide information to the highway traveler, a retail business located in proximity to a freeway interchange shall be permitted one (1) additional free-standing identification sign in accordance with the following regulations:
   (a)   Distance from Interchange. The use to which the sign refers shall be located within six hundred sixty (660) feet (one-eighth (1/8) mile) of the nearest freeway exit ramp, measured from the intersection of the center lines of the exit ramp and the public street to the nearest property line of the use.
   (b)   Height. The height of such sign shall not exceed eighty (80) feet above grade level at the base of the sign structure.
   (c)   Size. Sign face area shall not exceed two hundred and twenty-five (225) square feet and shall be permitted in addition to sign face area otherwise permitted for the property.
   (d)   Sign Location. Signs shall be located on the business premises and shall be set back a minimum of five (5) feet from the freeway right-of-way, ten (10) feet from other street right-of-way lines, twenty-five (25) feet from interior lot lines and fifty (50) feet from Residential District lines. Such sign shall be oriented for readability principally from the freeway.
   (e)   Retail Business. For purposes of this section “retail businesses” shall include all non-residential uses permitted in the General Retail zoning district.
(Ord. No. 3076-A-89. Passed 12-10-90, eff. 12-20-90)