§ 350.21 Exempt Signs
   The provisions of this chapter shall not govern the display of the following signs and objects:
   (a)   The American, Ohio and Cleveland flags and flags of other nations or nationality groups (except where used as part of a sign advertising a product or service);
   (b)   Governmental signs providing traffic control information and similar public information;
   (c)   Signs which are part of the original construction of a vending machine, fuel pump or similar device;
   (d)   Any monument within a cemetery;
   (e)   Cornerstones and permanent building plaques displaying the date of construction, architect’s name, building name, historical information, etc., and not exceeding eight (8) square feet in area;
   (f)   Signs in non-residential districts displaying only a street address and not exceeding two (2) square feet in area;
   (g)   Holiday decorations, excluding advertising, displayed for reasonable and customary durations of time;
   (h)   Vehicles regularly and customarily used to transport persons or property for a business;
   (i)   Works of art that do not include a commercial message; and
   (j)   Signs identifying the name and sponsoring agency of a children’s day care center, provided that no more than one (1) such sign is displayed at each such facility and that such sign does not exceed ten (10) square feet in surface area.
(Ord. No. 689-93. Passed 4-5-93, eff. 4-8-93)