§ 350.06 Prohibited Signs
   The following types of signs are prohibited in all zoning districts:
   (a)   Strips of pennants, propellers, pinwheels, streamers, balloons and similar small objects except as temporary displays specifically authorized for carnivals and open-air festivals under Section 329.07 and for new businesses under division (c) of Section 350.20;
   (b)   Signs imitating or resembling official traffic or government signs and signals;
   (c)   Signs attached to trees, rocks or natural formations or public property including but not limited to utility poles, benches, trash containers and parking meters, except as specifically authorized by the City;
   (d)   Moving, revolving or flashing signs except as provided in Section 350.10(1)(5), Section 350.16, and Section 350.161 governing wall murals;
   (e)   Signs attached to any condemned structure, as defined in Section 363.29 or any structure condemned or declared a nuisance structure pursuant to Section 3103.09.
(Ord. No. 1282-06. Passed 11-27-06, eff. 1-6-07)