§ 337.01 Limited One-Family Districts
   (a)   Permitted Buildings and Uses. In a Limited One-Family District the following buildings and uses are permitted:
      (1)   One-family dwelling houses and their accessory buildings and uses. Except as otherwise provided in this Zoning Code, no main building or premises in a Limited One-Family District shall hereafter be erected, altered, used, arranged or designed to be used, in whole or in part for other than a dwelling house occupied by not more than one (1) family;
      (2)   Schools, dormitories constructed or operated by an existing permitted school, libraries or museums and police protective facilities therefor, providing they are not conducted as a gainful business, places of worship, if permitted by the Board of Zoning Appeals after public notice and public hearing under appropriate safeguards and such special conditions as the Board deems necessary, and if in the judgment of the Board such uses and buildings are appropriately located and designed and will meet a community need without adversely affecting the neighborhood.
   (b)   Proximity to Other Buildings. Every dwelling house hereafter erected in a Limited One-Family District shall be not less than twenty (20) feet from any other main building in the District.
(Ord. No. 918-59. Passed 6-1-59, eff. 7-12-59)