§ 350.01 Intent
   Sign regulations, including provisions to control the type, design, size, location and maintenance of signs, are hereby established to achieve the following purposes:
   (a)   To enable the public to locate goods, services and facilities without difficulty or confusion;
   (b)   To protect property values, public investment and overall neighborhood character by preventing conditions which have undesirable impacts on surrounding properties;
   (c)   To promote the development of attractive and harmonious residential districts, viable commercial districts and approximately identified industrial uses;
   (d)   To provide a safe environment through the regulation of private signs and lighting which may distract attention from or obstruct the visibility of traffic information devices; and
   (e)   To protect scenic views and the visual environment along city streets and limited access highways;
   (f)   To improve the aesthetic appearance of exterior walls of buildings in a manner consistent with a district’s role as a lively civic center and a vibrant hub for business and consumer trade and commercial activity and without materially changing significant and distinct architectural or historical features of such buildings.
(Ord. No. 1282-06. Passed 11-27-06, eff. 1-6-07)