§ 350.07 Illumination of Signs
   Signs may be illuminated only in accordance with the following regulations:
   (a)   Controls. Sign illumination shall be designed and placed so as not to cause glare which may result in traffic hazards or which may interfere with the customary use of nearby residences.
   (b)   Prohibitions. Flashing or intermittent illumination shall not be permitted except as provided in Section 350.10(1)(5), Section 350.16, and Section 350.161 governing wall murals using electronic media.
   (c)   Districts. In Residential Districts, only nameplates and bulletin boards may be illuminated. All signs in non-residential districts may be illuminated.
   (d)   Electronic Message Centers. Signs displaying electronically-changing or animated messages (as defined in division (f)(2) of Section 350.03) are permitted as specified in the “schedules” referenced in division (b) of Section 350.14 and division (b) of Section 350.15 and as permitted in Section 350.161 governing wall murals.
(Ord. No. 1282-06. Passed 11-27-06, eff. 1-6-07)