129.01   Division of Cleveland Public Power
129.02   Duties of Commissioner of Light and Power
129.03   Bureau of Street Lighting
129.04   Duties of Chief of Bureau of Street Lighting
129.05   Division of Water
129.06   Duties of Commissioner of Water
129.07   Control of Sewage Disposal Plants and Sewer System
129.08   Division of Water Pollution Control
129.09   Duties of Commissioner of Water Pollution Control
129.10   Division of Utilities Engineering
129.11   Duties of Commissioner of Utilities Engineering
129.12   Division of Utilities Fiscal Control
129.13   Duties of Commissioner of Utilities Fiscal Control
129.14   Division of Administrative Services
129.15   Duties of the Executive Commissioner of Administration
129.151   Office of Telecommunications
129.153   Regulation of Tree Trimming
129.16   Contracts for Utilities Services
129.17   Contracts for Painting or Chlorinating Steel Reservoirs
129.18   Contracts for Disinfection of Water Mains – Repealed
129.19   Payment of Utilities Bills
129.20   Utility Easements Acceptance and Release
129.21   Contracts for Billing and Collection of Sewer Charges and Other Fees
129.22   Easement Acquisition
129.23   Expenditures for Professional Memberships
129.231   Purchase of Food and Beverages for Department of Public Utilities
129.24   Purchase of Water Treatment Chemicals
129.25   Purchase of Water System Maintenance Equipment
129.26   Purchase of Poles, Wire, Transformers, and Other Equipment
129.27   Purchase of Water Pollution Control System Maintenance Equipment
129.28   Purchase of Laboratory Equipment, Testing and Analytical Services
129.29   Purchase of Catch Basin Debris Disposal
129.291   Purchase of Repair and Construction of Catch Basins and Manholes
129.292   Purchase of Construction and Installation of Replacement Sewers and Repair and Rehabilitation of Existing Sewers
129.293   Purchase of Maintenance and Repair of Detention Basins, Detention Facilities, and Structures
129.294   Professional Services for General Engineering, Architectural, Environmental, Geotechnical Engineering, and Other Services
129.295   Applying for and Accepting Grants and Other Funding for Sewer Projects in the Capital Improvement Plan
129.30   Payment of Clothing Allowance
129.31   Payment of Clothing Allowance
129.32   Payment of Clothing Allowance
129.33   Contracts for Purchase of Electric Power and Energy
129.331   Contracts for the Provision of Retail Electric Aggregation Services and Power Supply
129.34   Contracts with State for Reimbursement for Betterments – Expired
129.35   Office of Radio Communications System Management
129.36   Permits
129.37   Uniforms and Equipment for Security Officers in the Department of Public Utilities; Maintenance Allowance
Charter reference:
   Accounts of publicly owned utilities, Charter § 113
   Fixation of utility rates, Charter § 112
   General powers and duties, Charter § 111
   Provisions for public utility grants, Charter § 181 et seq.
   Recording public utilities documents, CO 113.04
Statutory reference:
   Laying pipes in highway, RC 743.23
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