131.01   Establishment of the Department of Public Works
131.02   Duties of the Director of Public Works
131.021   Downtown Parking Lot Landscaping Encroachment Permits – Repealed
131.03   Office of Administration
131.04   Duties of the Manager of Administration
131.05   Office of Special Events and Marketing
131.06   Duties of the Manager of Special Events and Marketing
131.061   Agreements with Cuyahoga County for Annual Bridge Inspections – Repealed
131.07   Special Event Permits
131.08   Special Event Concession Agreement and Charges
131.081   Rental Fees for City Hall Rotunda
131.10   Purchase of Food and Beverages for the Public Who Are Attending Activities or Events Sponsored by the Division of Recreation
131.11   Purchase of Hot and Cold Beverages and Ice for Departmental Employees Working to Alleviate an Emergency
131.12   Reserved
131.13   Division of Motor Vehicle Maintenance; Duties of Commissioner – Repealed
131.14   Division of Waste Collection and Disposal – Repealed
131.15   Concession Agreements for Rental of the Public Auditorium Building
131.151   Division of Traffic Engineering – Repealed
131.152   Duties of Commissioner of Traffic Engineering – Repealed
131.16   Rules and Regulations of the Manager of Special Events and Marketing – Repealed
131.17   Moneys From Operation of Public Auditorium Building and Cleveland Browns Stadium
131.18   Accounting for Cleveland Browns Stadium
131.19   Withdrawal of Funds by the Director of Public Works
131.20   Accrued Interest from Public Auditorium Building and Stadium Funds
131.21   Rental of Market Stalls
131.22   Manager of West Side Market
131.23   Property Adoption and Licensing
131.24   Deposits for Use of Property
131.25 to 131.28   Reserved
131.29   Division of Recreation
131.30   Duties of the Commissioner of Recreation
131.31   Golf Course Rates
131.32   Rental Fees for Camp George Forbes
131.33   Rental of Halloran Skating Rink
131.34   Rental Fees for Recreation Center Use
131.35   Rental of Athletic Complexes; Fee
131.36   Lease of the Hough Multi-Service Center
131.37   Rental of League Park Baseball Field and League Park Visitors Center; Fee
131.38   Reserved
131.381   Purchase of City-related Merchandise, Souvenirs, Food, and Beverages for Resale at City Parks, Recreational Facilities, and the West Side Market
131.39   Division of Park Maintenance and Properties
131.40   Duties of the Commissioner of Park Maintenance and Properties
131.41   Greenhouse, Rockefeller Park and Cultural Gardens; Fees
131.42   Cemetery Rates
131.43 to 131.45   Reserved
131.46   Division of Streets
131.47   Duties of the Commissioner of Streets
131.48   Street Cleaning
131.49 to 131.51   Reserved
131.52   Division of Traffic Engineering
131.53   Duties of the Commissioner of Traffic Engineering
131.54 to 131.56   Reserved
131.57   Division of Waste Collection and Disposal
131.58   Duties of the Commissioner of Waste Collection and Disposal
131.59 to 131.61   Reserved
131.62   Division of Motor Vehicle Maintenance
131.63   Duties of the Commissioner of Motor Vehicle Maintenance
131.64   Shop Supplies and Equipment, Vehicle Maintenance Materials, Equipment, Services, and Supplies
131.65   Fuel, Fuel Dispensing Equipment, and Storage Tank Removal
131.66   Software and Hardware, Including Upgrades, Technical Support, and Maintenance, and Repair Agreements for the Fleet Management Information System and the Automated Fuel Dispensing System
131.67   Labor and Materials for Capital Maintenance and Repair of City Facilities
131.68 to 131.69   Reserved
131.70   Division of Property Management
131.71   Duties of the Commissioner of Property Management
131.72 to 131.74   Reserved
131.75   Division of Parking Facilities
131.76   Duties of Commissioner of Parking Facilities
131.77   Municipal Lakefront Lot: Special Event Rate
131.78   Parking Fees
131.79   Parking Fees for Community Development and Public Works Surface Lots
131.80 to 131.82   Reserved
131.83   Licensing Advertising Space on Public Recreational Property
131.84   Acceptance of Gifts
131.85   Agreements for the Loan of Statues, Busts, or other Personal Property for Public Display
131.86   Tree Commission Grants and Contributions
131.87   Reserved
131.88   Director to Hire Truck Owner Drivers
131.99   Penalty – Repealed
   Note: Unless otherwise noted at the end of a section, the department, divisions and duties established in this chapter met with Board of Control concurrence pursuant to BOC Res. No. 561-10, adopted 12-29-10.
Charter reference:
   Duty to keep streets in repair and free from nuisance, Charter § 173
   Director to examine and recommend plats,CO 307.04
Statutory reference:
   Collection and disposal of garbage, RC 715.43
   Contracts, RC 733.22, 735.05 et seq.
   General duties and records, RC 735.02
   Legislative authority to have care, supervision and control of streets, RC 723.01
   Power to establish and care for streets, RC 715.19
   Power to regulate building numbering, RC 715.26
   Powers of municipal corporations, RC 717.01
   Street Commissioner, RC 735.31 et seq.