TITLE ONE - Planning
         Chap. 1101. City Planning Commission.
         Chap. 1103. Regional Planning Commission.
         Chap. 1105. Historic Preservation Code.
         Chap. 1107. Architectural Review Board.
   TITLE THREE - Subdivisions
         Chap. 1111. Platting Rules and Regulations.
      TITLE FIVE - Purpose and Authority
         Chap. 1121. Preamble.
         Chap. 1122. Repeal and Validity.
         Chap. 1123. Policy Statement.
         Chap. 1124. Zoning Districts and Maps.
      TITLE SEVEN - Interpretation of Regulation
         Chap. 1125. Prohibited if not Permitted.
         Chap. 1126. Minimum Standards.
         Chap. 1127. Multiple Standards.
         Chap. 1128. Prohibitions.
         Chap. 1129. Meanings Generally.
         Chap. 1130. Terms and Words Defined.
         Chap. 1131. Definitions.
      TITLE NINE - General Regulations
         Chap. 1132. Applicability.
         Chap. 1133. Nonconforming Uses, Approach to.
         Chap. 1134. General Provisions.
         Chap. 1135. Exceptions and Modifications.
      TITLE ELEVEN - Residential Zoning Districts
         Chap. 1136. Purpose - Residential Zoning Districts.
         Chap. 1137. Bulk and Area Requirements - Residential
               Zoning Districts.
         Chap. 1138. Permitted Use - Residential Zoning Districts.
         Chap. 1139. Permitted Accessory Buildings and Structures.
         Chap. 1140. Permitted Accessory Uses.
         Chap. 1141. Public Utilities in Residential Districts.
         Chap. 1142. Garage Sales in Residential Districts.
         Chap. 1143. Repair of Motor Vehicles.
         Chap. 1144. R-5 Planned Unit Development District.
      TITLE THIRTEEN - Business and Industrial Zoning Districts
         Chap. 1145. Purpose - Business and Industrial Zoning Districts.
         Chap. 1146. Bulk and Area Requirements - Business
               and Industrial Zoning Districts.
         Chap. 1147. Permitted Uses - Business and Industrial
               Zoning Districts.
         Chap. 1148. Special Provisions for Business and Industrial Uses.
         Chap. 1149. Accessory Uses.
         Chap. 1150. Outdoor Storage.
         Chap. 1151. Outdoor Merchandise Display in Business Zones.
         Chap. 1152. Drive Thru Windows.
         Chap. 1153. Outdoor Café.
      TITLE FIFTEEN - Hall of Fame Village District
         Chap. 1154. Purpose and Intent.
         Chap. 1155. General Requirements.
         Chap. 1156. Submittal Process.
         Chap. 1157. Review Criteria.
         Chap. 1158. Bulk Area Requirements.
         Chap. 1159. Permitted Use.
         Chap. 1160. Accessory Uses and Structures.
         Chap. 1161. Required Parking and Loading, On-Site and Off-Site.
      TITLE SEVENTEEN - Special Zoning Districts
         Chap. 1162. Purpose - Special Zoning Districts.
         Chap. 1163. Bulk Area Requirements - Special Zoning Districts.
         Chap. 1164. Permitted Uses - Special Zoning Districts.
         Chap. 1165. Accessory Uses - Special Zoning Districts.
         Chap. 1166. Flood Hazard Zoning District.
         Chap. 1167. Urban Garden District.
         Chap. 1168. Live-Work Overlay District.
      TITLE NINETEEN - Target Investment Zones and Pedestrian/
               Urban Form Overlay District
         Chap. 1169. Purpose and Intent.
         Chap. 1170. Permitted Uses.
         Chap. 1171. General Requirements.
         Chap. 1172. Submission Requirements.
         Chap. 1173. General Development Plan.
         Chap. 1174. Parking Demand and Management Study.
         Chap. 1175. Review Criteria.
         Chap. 1176. Target Investment Zones.
         Chap. 1177. Traditional Neighborhood Design Standards.
         Chap. 1178. Pedestrian Overlay District.
         Chap. 1179. Urban Form Overlay District.
      TITLE TWENTY-ONE - Site Design Requirements
         Chap. 1180. Purpose.
         Chap. 1181. Intent.
         Chap. 1182. Sustainable Development.
         Chap. 1183. Landscape Requirements.
         Chap. 1184. Off-Site Loading and Parking Requirements.
         Chap. 1185. Outdoor Illumination.
         Chap. 1186. Refuse Storage.
         Chap. 1187. Signs.
         Chap. 1188. Wall Murals.
      TITLE TWENTY-THREE - Special Regulations
         Chap. 1189. Windmills and Wind Turbines.
         Chap. 1190. Solar Energy Systems.   
         Chap. 1191. Wireless Telecommunications Facilities.
         Chap. 1192. Satellite Dish Antennae.
         Chap. 1193. Sexually Oriented Businesses.
      TITLE TWENTY-FIVE - Administration and Enforcement
         Chap. 1194. Enforcement.
         Chap. 1195. Administrative Agencies and Duties.
         Chap. 1196. Zoning Amendments.
         Chap. 1197. Appeals and Variances.
         Chap. 1198. Conditional Uses.