Chap. 501. General Provisions and Penalty.
Chap. 503. Juvenile Offenses; Parental Responsibility.
Chap. 505. Animals and Fowl.
Chap. 507. Equal Employment Opportunity in Public Contracts.
Chap. 509. Disorderly Conduct and Peace Disturbance.
Chap. 513. Drug Abuse Control.
Chap. 515. Fair Housing Code.
Chap. 517. Gambling.
Chap. 521. Health, Safety and Sanitation.
Chap. 525. Law Enforcement and Public Office.
Chap. 529. Liquor Control.
Chap. 533. Obscenity and Sex Offenses.
Chap. 537. Offenses Against Persons.
Chap. 539. Parks.
Chap. 541. Property Offenses.
Chap. 547. Unfair Employment Practices.
Chap. 549. Weapons and Explosives.
Chap. 551. High Grass, Noxious Weeds and Litter.
Chap. 553. Railroads.