General Regulations
   98.01    Purpose and scope of chapter
   98.02   Definitions
   98.03   Maintaining and repairing sidewalks; property owner responsibilities
   98.04   Maintaining and repairing sidewalks; city responsibilities
   98.05   New sidewalks
   98.06   Snow and ice covered sidewalks declared a nuisance; removal of snow and ice from sidewalks
   98.07   Bond and license required; construction by homeowner excepted; insurance
   98.08   Construction permits required; fees
   98.09   Inspection and notice prior to starting work
   98.10   Supervision
   98.11   Location of sidewalk
   98.12   Specifications for sidewalks, curb openings, and driveways
   98.13   Curb ramps
   98.14   Detectable warning surface
   98.15   Grades
   98.16   Engineering stakes; replacement fee; staking after utility installation
   98.17   Weather
   98.18   Materials
   98.19   Gas and water curb boxes, gas drips, manhole covers, and sidewalk gratings
   98.20   Protection of fire hydrants, trees, and lawns
   98.21   Protection of streets and sidewalks
   98.22   Dropping or tracking substances on streets and sidewalks
   98.23   Safety and access
   98.24   Encumbering street or sidewalk
   98.25   Utilities; above and below grade
   98.26   Open excavations on public and private property; barricades and warning lights required
   98.27   Vehicles blocking streets or sidewalks
   98.28   Use of openings to subspaces in sidewalks and streets
   98.29   Awnings and canopies above public sidewalks
Street Excavations
   98.40   Work on public streets, right-of-ways, and grounds; excavation permit required
   98.41   Bond and license required; streets
   98.42   Excavation safeguards; liability; repair
   98.43   Inspections and notice prior to starting work
   98.44   Exceptions
Rights-of-Way Management
   98.45   Prohibition; types of permits
   98.46   Right-of-way occupancy application procedure; appeal
   98.47   Criteria for granting permits
   98.48   Obligations of permittees; conditions of permits
   98.49   Right-of-way occupancy permit fees and auditing
   98.50   Micro wireless facility
   98.51   Joint planning and construction
   98.52   Right-of-way construction permits
   98.53   Construction, relocation and restoration
   98.54   Minor maintenance
   98.55   Enforcement of permit obligation
   98.56   Construction and removal bonds
   98.57   Reporting requirements
   98.58   Compensation
   98.59   City use of facilities
   98.60   Indemnity; insurance
   98.61   Discontinuance of operations, abandoned and unused facilities
   98.62   Revocation
   98.63   Reservation of rights
   98.64   Temporary movement of facilities
   98.65   Assignment or transfer of ownership; renewal
   98.66   Foreclosure and receivership
   98.67   Unauthorized use of right-of-way
   98.68   General provisions
Street Cleaning
   98.70    Street cleaning assessment
Bicycle Usage Design
   98.80   Designing, modifying, and maintaining public streets to facilitate bicycle usage
   98.99   Penalty
   For classification of civil offenses and related proceedings, see Chapter 38
Statutory reference:
   Power of municipality to require repair of sidewalks, see R.C. §§ 729.01 et seq.