(A)   Maintaining and repairing of public sidewalks is the responsibility of the property owner of any lot or land abutting any public way.
   (B)   Should any public sidewalk be found in the need of repair by the city, the Municipal Administrator or his or her designee may order the property owner, by certified mail, to repair such walks. The property owner shall make necessary repairs within a time period determined by the city.
   (C)   If the owner or person having charge of said land fails to comply with such notice, the city may cause the necessary repairs to be made. Thereupon, the expense of repairing such walks shall be billed to the property owner by regular mail. Upon failure to reimburse the city this amount within 30 days thereafter, the Council shall make written notice to the County Auditor with the statement of charges for services, the amount paid for the performance of such labor and related expenses, and the proper description of the premises, along with a request that such amount be entered upon the tax duplicate, to become a lien upon such lands from and after the date of entry, and to be collected as other taxes and returned to the city according to law.
   (D)   When city sidewalk repair funds are available, then the repairs may be paid 50% by the city and 50% by the property owner. Participating property owners are required to deposit 50% of the repair cost with the Finance Department prior to program eligibility.
(Ord. 8349, passed 9-2-2014) Penalty, see § 98.99