§ 98.15 GRADES.
   (A)   All walks and driveways shall be constructed or reconstructed to conform to the grades on the right-of-way where the grade has been established by the Public Works Director or his or her designee.
   (B)   The surface of all walks shall have a transverse slope of one-fourth inch per foot with the low side nearest to the curb line.
   (C)   In all cases where sidewalks cross driveways or runways, the full width of the sidewalk shall conform to the established grade of the sidewalks adjoining both sides of such driveway or runways, unless permission has been first obtained from the Public Works Director. However, in all cases the minimum width shall conform to current ADA regulations.
   (D)   Whenever a sidewalk is reconstructed to a grade that does not meet the grade of adjacent existing walks, the person constructing the new sidewalk shall construct a ramp to eliminate grade inequality. The materials, workmanship, and character of the ramp shall be as determined by the Public Works Director.
   (E)   All walks in the city shall be uniform and even throughout its length and width with the adjoining and connecting walks. All new lateral walks, from the main sidewalk to the property line hereafter constructed shall have a uniform slope from the main sidewalk to the property line of one-fourth inch per foot, the low end of the new lateral walk being adjacent to the main sidewalk and the lateral walk shall meet the grade of the main sidewalk, the intent of this section being the exclusion of steps or other abrupt changes in grade on the right-of-way.
(Ord. 8349, passed 9-2-2014)