(A)   New sidewalks in a subdivision shall be paid for entirely at the expense of the developer or purchaser of a lot in a new subdivision as provided in Chapter 151 of these codified ordinances.
   (B)   Development, redevelopment, or renovation of a parcel not subject to the subdivision regulations shall require new sidewalks to be constructed at the sole expense of the developer or property owner, within the time frame allowed on the applicable zoning certificate, except when in the opinion of the Public Works Director and the Safety Director the construction of a sidewalk will cause undue hardship or burden on the owner of the parcel due to the unusual shape, location, or configuration of the parcel, or due to the health or safety concerns which would cause the public to be better served by having no sidewalk located on the parcel.
   (C)   In a case where the Sidewalk Commission determines that sidewalks are to be built in a subdivision originally developed without sidewalks, the financial responsibility for the sidewalks shall lie with the city, subject to available funding.
(Ord. 8349, passed 9-2-2014)