(A)   The Public Works Director shall at all times have access to the work and the contractor shall provide proper facilities or cause to be provided the proper facilities for inspection of all work.
   (B)   The owner or contractor shall have a responsible representative in charge of the work on the site at all times, and he or she shall have the necessary qualifications and authority to execute, adhere to, and carry out all the requirements of this chapter and any amendments hereto, and of the specifications for the construction or reconstruction of walks, driveways, or curb openings, on file in the office of the Director.
   (C)   Orders or instructions from the Director or Inspector given to the aforesaid representative shall be as binding as though given to the owner or contractor. Should any person employed on the work refuse or neglect to comply with the direction of the work, or in the opinion of the Director, Engineer, or Inspector be incompetent, disorderly, or unfaithful, such a person shall be immediately removed and not again employed on any part of the work.
   (D)   The Director shall assign inspectors to the work, or such part thereof as may be necessary; however, the presence of the inspector will not in any way relieve the owner or contractor from any responsibility in complying with the specifications relating to the construction or reconstruction of walks, driveways, or curb openings. Any work done or performed contrary to this chapter or the applicable rules or specifications shall, upon direction of the Director, be made good or removed as directed.
(Ord. 8349, passed 9-2-2014)