Right-of-way minor maintenance requirement. At the discretion of the Director of Public Works, minor maintenance of infrastructure will be allowed so long as permittee notifies the city at least 48 hours in advance of planned work. When necessary, and at the discretion of the Director of Public Works, a permittee may be required to:
   (A)   Submit a completed right-of-way minor maintenance permit application in the form required by the Director of Public Works;
   (B)   Provide a statement that the applicant will employ protective measures and devices that, consistent with the OMUTCD, will prevent injury or damage to persons or property and to minimize disruptions to the efficient movement of pedestrian and vehicular traffic; and/or
   (C)   The city may impose reasonable conditions, in addition to the rules and regulations enacted by the Director of Public Works, upon the issuance of the right-of-way minor maintenance permit and the performance of the right of way minor maintenance permittee thereunder in order to protect the public health, safety, and welfare, to insure the structural integrity of the right-of-way, to protect the property and safety of other users of the right-of-way, and to minimize the disruption and inconvenience to the traveling public.
(Ord. 8710, passed 9-17-2018)