(a)   Applicability. The regulations set forth in this section shall, unless otherwise stated, apply to all properties containing fuel storage and/or dispensing equipment including but not limited to fueling stations with motor fuels including but not limited to gasoline, diesel, electric vehicle chargers, and alternative fuels such as biodiesel, hydrogen, natural gas, ethanol, and propane.
   (b)   Setbacks and lot requirements.
      (1)   Buildings must have a front setback of 40 feet or the required front setback of the zoning district, whichever is greater: side and rear yard setbacks are as required by the zoning district, but not to exceed 40 feet.
      (2)   Pump islands and alternative fuel dispensing stations must have setbacks of no less than 35 feet from any property line.
      (3)   Above grade storage tanks are prohibited.
      (4)   Canopies covering pump islands must have no less than a 20 foot setback from any property line abutting a public or private street or roadway. Side and rear yard setbacks must not be less than ten feet.
      (5)   Lot width: the minimum lot width must be 120 feet.
   (c)   Curbs and gutters. Interior curbs must be constructed within the property lines to separate driving surfaces from sidewalks, landscaped areas, and along property lines bordering streets. Interior curbs required by this subsection (c) must be a minimum height of six inches.
(Ord. 2019-47, passed 12-2-2019)