(a)   Purpose. The following standards are intended to accommodate congregate living facilities while protecting the public health, safety, and general welfare of the community.
   (b)   Review and approval. Congregate living facilities must receive conditional use permit approval and, if in a new freestanding building, either final site and building plan approval or final development plan approval prior to issuance of a building permit.
      (1)   All necessary permits and licenses must be obtained from state, county and city agencies.
      (2)   If the size, location, or purpose of a facility with a conditional use permit changes, a new or amended conditional use permit may be required.
   (c)   Where allowed. See § 21.209 of this code for the classification of congregate living facilities within the zoning districts.
      (1)   The facility cannot be located in a two-family or multiple-family dwelling unless it occupies the entire structure.
   (d)   Standards.
      (1)   Services. On-site services must be only for the residents of the facility.
      (2)   Compatibility. All new construction or additions to existing structures must be compatible with the scale and character of the surrounding neighborhood and existing structures.
      (3)   Landscape buffer. A perimeter landscape buffer is required pursuant to screening requirements contained in § 21.301.15(d)(2), where the facility site directly abuts property that is used for single-family residential use that is either zoned or guided for single-family residential use.
      (4)   Management plan. A management plan for the facility must be submitted with any conditional use permit application, which includes but is not limited to the following:
         (A)   Program operation;
         (B)   Staffing;
         (C)   Security detail;
         (D)   Access control;
         (E)   Smoking locations; and
         (F)   Floor plans showing sleeping areas, emergency exits, and bathrooms.
      (5)   Compliance with other sections. Congregate living facilities must meet applicable standards within city code, including but not limited to:
         (A)   Refuse and recycling (§ 21.301.17);
         (B)   Landscaping (§ 21.301.15);
         (C)   Exterior storage (§ 21.301.16);
         (D)   Height (§ 21.301.10);
         (E)   Parking (§ 21.301.06); and
         (F)   Lighting (§ 21.301.07).
(Ord. 2015-33, passed 11-16-2015; Ord. 2019-2, passed 1-7-2019; Ord. 2021-7, passed 4-26-2021)