General Provisions
   95.001   Keeping animals; required area
   95.002   Animals at-large
   95.003   Sanitation; enclosures
   95.004   Keeping rabbits and chickens
   95.005   Keeping swine, goats and the like
   95.006   Keeping dangerous, vicious or diseased animals
   95.007   Beekeeping prohibited
   95.008   Hunting
   95.009   Cruelty prohibited
   95.010   Abandonment of animals
   95.011   Cleaning up after animals
   95.012   Failure to provide humane care and treatment prohibited
   95.013   Standards of humane care and treatment
   95.014   Animal Welfare Officer may impound animal and/or provide terms and conditions for care
Vicious and Dangerous Animals
   95.020   Definitions
   95.021   Vicious, dangerous and diseased animals
   95.022   Summons and complaint
   95.023   Impoundment
   95.024   Hearing
   95.025   Determination
Dogs and Cats
   95.035   Vaccination requirements
   95.036   Confinement on premises
   95.037   Dogs at-large prohibited
   95.038   Barking dogs and howling cats
   95.039   Nuisances
   95.040   Biting incidents
   95.041   Impoundment
   95.042   Maximum number of dogs and cats
City Pound
   95.060   Establishment
   95.061   Redemption of animals; pick-up charge and expenses
   95.062   Transfer of proceeds
   95.063   Sale of impounded animals
   95.064   Disposition of impounded animals; reclaiming or adopting
   95.065   Animals exposed to rabies; confinement
   95.066   Breaking in the pound; obstruction
   95.067   Fees and charges pertaining to animals; establishment by City Council resolution
Administration and Enforcement
   95.080   Animal control officers
   95.081   Issuance of citation
   95.082   Failure to appear
   95.083   Payment of fines; appearance before magistrate