General Provisions
   157.001   Short title
   157.002   Purpose
   157.003   Definitions
   157.004   Greater restrictions shall apply
   157.005   Administrative standards
   157.006   Application of chapter
District Boundaries
   157.015   Establishment of zoning districts
   157.016   Establishment of districts in annexed areas
   157.017   Zoning district boundaries
   157.018   Interpretation of district boundaries
   157.019   Amendment of district boundaries
Supplementary District Regulations
   157.030   General yard regulations
   157.031   Front yard regulations
   157.032   Side yard regulations
   157.033   Front or street side yards in nonresidential districts
   157.034   Intersection visibility; sight triangle
   157.035   Accessory structures and uses; residential
   157.036   Accessory structures and uses; nonresidential
   157.037   Keeping of animals; agricultural uses
   157.038   Manufactured units as temporary construction offices; nonresidential structures
   157.039   Townhouse dwelling units
   157.040   Zero lot line units
   157.041   Height regulations
   157.042   Outdoor storage
   157.043   Outdoor illumination of uses
   157.044   Flood plain development
   157.045   Right-of-way development
   157.046   Mixed use development
   157.047   Home occupation
Nonconforming Situations
   157.060   Intent
   157.061   Nonconforming lots of record
   157.062   Enlargement or extension of nonconforming situations
   157.062   Abandonment and discontinuance of nonconforming situations
   157.064   Change in type of nonconforming use
   157.065   Completion of nonconforming project
   157.066   Nonconforming signs
   157.067   Nonconformity permit
Landscaping and Buffer Requirements
   157.080   Purpose
   157.081   General requirements
   157.082   Screening and buffer requirements
   157.083   Landscaping requirements; vehicular use areas
   157.084   Plan review and approval
   157.085   Sight distance requirements
   157.086   Installation and maintenance
Off-Street Parking Requirements
   157.095   Purpose
   157.096   General requirements
   157.097   Location of off-street parking space
   157.098   Interpretation and modification
   157.099   Design standards
   157.100   Schedule of off-street parking requirements
Sign Regulations
   157.110   Purpose
   157.111   Administrative review; waiver of requirements
   157.112   General requirements
   157.113   Special sign regulations
   157.114   Permitted signs
   157.115   Illumination
   157.116   Prohibited signs
   157.117   Nonconforming signs
   157.118   Insurance
Off-Street Loading Requirements
   157.130   Purpose
   157.131   General requirements
   157.132   Location of off-street loading space
   157.133   Interpretation and modification
   157.134   Design standards
   157.135   Schedule of off-street loading requirements
Soil Erosion and Sediment Control
   157.145   Purpose and findings
   157.146   Applicability of provisions
   157.147   Requirements; grading permit
Site Plan Regulations
   157.160   Purpose
   157.161   Compliance with provisions; applicability
   157.162   Requirements for permit for construction activities
   157.163   Review of site plan; scope
   157.164   Action by Zoning Administrator
   157.165   Zoning site-review permit
   157.166   Zoning site-review charges
Conditional Uses
   157.175   Objective and purpose
   157.176   Conditional use permits required; issuance
   157.177   Procedure for approval of conditional use permits
   157.178   Regulations, standards for conditional use permits
District Regulations
   157.190   R-12 Residential/Low Density
   157.191   R-6 Residential/Medium Density
   157.192   R-5 Residential/Medium Density
   157.193   R-4 Residential/High Density
   157.194   P-H Public/Hospital
   157.195   B-1 Neighborhood Business
   157.196   B-2 General Business
   157.197   B-3 Downtown
   157.198   I-1 Light Industrial
   157.199   I-2 Heavy Industrial
   157.200   R-E Residential Estate
   157.200.1   Planned Unit Development (PUD)
   157.201   Table of permitted and conditional uses
   157.202   Table of dimensional requirements
Administration and Enforcement
   157.210   Enforcement by Zoning Administrator; appeal to Board of Zoning Adjustment
   157.211   Issuance of permits, certificates and licenses
   157.212   Violations
   157.213   Schedule of fees, charges and expenses
   157.214   Forms and procedures for administration
   157.215   Fees for application for action before the Planning Commission or Board of Adjustment
Board of Zoning Adjustment
   157.225   Establishment
   157.226   Powers, duties and rules
   157.227   Liability of members
   157.228   Appeals
   157.229   Administrative review
   157.230   Conditional use permits
   157.231   Variances
   157.232   Nonconformity permits
   157.233   Appeals from the Board of Zoning Adjustment
   157.234   Recording of conditional use permits, variances
Amendment Procedure
   157.245   Changes and amendments; public hearing
   157.246   Petition for amendment; requirements
   157.247   Action by the Planning Commission
   157.248   Action by City Commission
   157.249   Reasons for amendment; agreement with comprehensive plan
   157.250   Withdrawal of petition
   157.251   Reconsideration of petition
   157.252   Effect of amendment petition of building permits
Abandoned or Blighted Urban Property
   157.265   Classified as real property
   157.266   Rate of taxation for abandoned or blighted urban properties
   157.267   Classification of property as abandoned or blighted urban property; right to appeal
Cellular Antenna Tower and Small Cell Tower Regulations
   157.280   Purpose
   157.281   General
   157.282   Applicability
   157.283   Definitions
   157.284   Regulations for cellular antenna towers
   157.285   Regulations for small cell towers and facilities
   157.286   Small cell wireless facility and small cell tower location and design regulations
   157.287   Confidentiality of applications
   157.999   Penalty
Cross reference:
   Construction in designated historic districts, see § 35.23
   Zoning Map changes, see T.S.O. XVI