If, in accordance with the provisions of KRS Chapter 100 and of this chapter, changes are made in districts boundaries or other matters portrayed on the zoning map, the following rules shall apply:
   (A)   Such changes shall be entered on the zoning map promptly after the amendment has been approved by the City Commission, together with a reference to a more complete descriptive record of such changes which shall be kept as a permanent record in the office of the City Clerk.
   (B)   Entries on the zoning map shall be noted by index number. The number shall appear again on the map in a space provided, that correctly specifies the zoning case number and the date the change was approved.
   (C)   No changes of any nature shall be made on the official zoning map, or matter shown thereon, except in conformity with the procedures set forth in this chapter.  Any unauthorized change of whatever kind by any person or persons shall be considered a violation of this chapter.
   (D)   Zoning map amendments shall comply with the provisions of §§ 157.245 through 157.252.
(Ord. 101-1986, passed 10-7-86)