Upon completing the review, the Zoning Administrator shall select the most appropriate course of action from the following list of actions. The Zoning Administrator's actions and reasons for the actions  shall  be  stated in writing.  The Zoning Administrator shall act within 20 working days after receipt of a properly prepared plan.
   (A)   The Zoning Administrator may determine the site development plan complies with all of the applicable provisions of this chapter and approve the plan in writing;
   (B)   The Zoning Administrator may determine that certain changes in the development plan must be made to comply with this chapter or should be made to alleviate potential safety problems or negative impacts on adjoining property that could result from optional decisions made during preparation of the development plan. After presenting the proposed changes to the applicant, and after the applicant has resubmitted the plan either altered or unaltered, the Zoning Administrator shall take final action and approve or deny the plan within ten working days of the plans resubmittal; or
   (C)   The Zoning Administrator may deny approval of the development plan in writing, setting forth in detail the reasons, which shall be limited to any defect in form or required information, any violation of any provision of this chapter, or the inadequacy of any utility, with any changes which would make the plan acceptable.
(Ord. 101-1986, passed 10-7-86)