Off-street parking shall be provided and maintained as specified in the following schedule. These requirements shall apply to all new buildings and uses and to expansion of existing buildings and uses (where such are expanded by 30% or greater, and to the extent of such expansion), in all districts except the B-3 Business/Downtown district.
Parking Requirements
Parking Requirements
Residential Dwellings (includes mobile homes)
1 space per unit
Multi-family designed for elderly
2 space per 2 units
Institutional (nursing  home, orphanage,  group home)
2 spaces per 5 beds, 1 space per employee
All nonresidential
1 space per company owned/inventoried vehicle, in addition to below requirements
Automobile service station, repairs
3 spaces per bay
Bowling alley
4 spaces per lane
Day care center
1 space per employee, 1 space per 5 children
Drive in/up facility (bank, dry cleaning, car wash, restaurant, and the like)
5 stacking spaces per window/bay (in addition to other requirements)
Flea market
2 spaces per booth
2 spaces per 3 employees (largest shift), 1 space per resident doctor, 1 space per 2 beds
Industrial - manufacturing, and warehousing
2 spaces per 3 employees (largest shift), 1 visitor space per 10 employees
Medical, dental and     veterinary care
6 visitor spaces per doctor, 2 spaces per 3 employees
Motel, boarding house
1 space per each room, plus 1 additional space per 5 rooms
1 space per 200 square feet of gross floor area
Open air uses (building materials; salvage yards; car, trailer and boat lots with less than 1,000 square feet of enclosed display and sales area; markets)
1 space per 1,500 square feet of gross lot area
Public/private assembly (auditorium, club, theater, church, indoor museum,recreation funeral home, and the like)
1 space per 50 square feet gross floor area, or 1 space per 4 persons, at maximum capacity (whichever is more)
Restaurant, lounge
1 space per 75 square feet gross floor area
Retailing and personal service
1 space per 200 square feet gross floor area
Retailing of bulk items (vehicles, furniture, and the like)
1 space per 500 square feet gross floor area
Schools, all
2 spaces per 3 employees, 1 space per 10 seats in gymnasium or auditorium (largest one)
Self service laundry
1 space per 2 washing machines
Senior high, college
Additionally, 5 spaces per classroom
Trade, vocational school
1 space per 200 square feet gross floor area
(Ord. 101-1986, passed 10-7-86)