For uses and activities covered under this section, no grading, excavation or filling shall occur and a building permit shall not be issued until a grading permit has been issued by the Zoning Administrator. To receive approval of a grading permit, the owner must submit an erosion control plan that applied accepted soil erosion and sediment control procedures to the lot's unique physical conditions and the type of proposed construction or soil-disturbance activity. In reviewing the plan, the Zoning Administrator may seek comments of the Boyd and Greenup Counties Soil Conservation District or any city department or government agency. The objectives of the review will be to determine whether the plan will adequately reduce soil erosion and result in stable soil conditions at the conclusion of the construction or soil-disturbance activity. If the applicant is required to submit a site development plan under provisions of §§ 157.160 through 157.166, the soil erosion plan shall be an integral part of the site development plan.
(Ord. 101-1986, passed 10-7-86)