(A)   Existing landscape material in satisfactory condition may be used to satisfy these requirements in whole or in part when such material achieves the objectives of this subchapter. Otherwise, all landscaping shall be of good quality and installed in a sound, workmanlike manner.
   (B)   Parking vehicles may overhang a landscaped area no more than one-half-foot, provided curbing or other wheel stops are installed to ensure no greater overhang or penetration of the landscaped area. Landscaping, walls, fences, and any other material shall be so located to prevent its damage and/or destruction by over-hanging vehicles.
   (C)   The type of landscape material used in meeting the requirements of this subchapter is at the option of the owner or developer. However, a recommended plant list shall be maintained by the city to provide detailed information on appropriate plant materials.
   (D)   All trees to be used shall be a minimum of eight feet in overall height upon planting. Shrubs shall be a minimum of two feet in height when measured immediately after planting. In any event, plant material required for the purpose of screening shall be of such initial size to reach the required height and density within two normal growing seasons.
   (E)   The owner and tenant of the property shall be responsible for the continued, proper maintenance of all landscaping materials, and shall keep them in a proper, neat, and orderly appearance, free from refuse and debris, at all times. All landscaped areas shall be provided with a readily available water supply.  All unhealthy or dead plant material shall be replaced within one year, or by the next planting season, whichever comes first.
(Ord. 101-1986, passed 10-7-86)  Penalty, see § 157.999