(A)   Permit required.  It shall be unlawful to commence any construction, modification or change of usage, or activity included within the zoning site-review charges schedule as set out in § 157.166 before payment of the required fee and the issuance of a zoning site-review permit to proceed.
   (B)   Application.  All zoning site-review permit applications shall be made upon forms supplied by the city.
   (C)   Issuance.  If the proposed construction, modification or change of usage, or regulated activity is in conformity with this chapter and other ordinances or laws then in force, then the city shall issue a zoning site-review permit.  Except as may be regulated by this subchapter, the Zoning Administrator shall act within ten working days after receipt of a properly prepared permit application.
   (D)   Refusal.  If the proposed activity does not conform to the requirements of this chapter and other ordinance or laws then in force, the city shall not issue a zoning site-review permit.  When a zoning site-review permit is refused, the city shall state such refusal in writing, setting forth all reasons for refusal.
   (E)   Expiration of zoning site-review permit.  If the activity approved by the zoning site-review permit has not begun and/or a building permit has not been obtained within 90 days of the date of issuance of the zoning site-review permit, then the zoning site-review permit shall become null and void for any and all purposes.
   (F)   Building and development permits.  No building permit shall be issued until a zoning site-review permit has been issued first where appropriate under the schedule of charges.
(Ord. 15-1987, passed 1-20-87)