Within the R-12 Residential zoning district as shown on the Official Zoning Map, all development and land uses shall comply with the following  minimum requirements, and with the district intent statement (§ 157.015(B)(1)).
   (A)   Permitted and conditional uses.  Land in a R-12 Zoning District shall be used and buildings shall be erected, altered, enlarged, or used only for the permitted or conditional uses indicated in the R-12 column of § 157.201.
   (B)   Dimensional requirements.  Land in a R-12 zoning district shall be developed and used only in compliance with lot area, lot width, front yard, side yard, rear yard, and lot coverage standards indicated in § 157.202 or as otherwise provided by other provisions of this chapter.
   (C)   Parking and loading requirements.  Off-street parking and loading areas shall be provided in accordance with §§ 157.095 through 157.100 and §§ 157.130 through 157.135, respectively.
   (D)   Landscaping and buffer requirements.  Landscaping and buffers shall be provided in accordance with §§ 157.080 through 157.086.
   (E)   Sign requirements.  Sign shall be permitted as regulated by §§ 157.110 through 157.118.
(Ord. 101-1986, passed 10-7-86)