(A)   Accessory structures and uses are permitted in any residential district in connection with any use which is permitted. Accessory structures and uses, as defined in § 157.003, shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
      (1)   A private garage or carport when not attached to the principal structure.
      (2)   A structure for enclosed storage incidental to a permitted use.
      (3)   Satellite antennae and alternate energy devices.
      (4)   A private swimming pool and/or bath house.
      (5)   Statuary, arbors, trellises, awnings, canopies, barbecue equipment, gazebos, flag poles, non-mechanical laundry drying equipment, terraces, recreational equipment, fences, walls and hedges.
      (6)   Fallout shelters.
      (7)   Outdoor parking of trailers, recreational vehicles, boats, and campers.
      (8)   Personal passenger vehicles and their storage are exempt from residential accessory use regulations. Disabled vehicles are subject to division (B) below.
      (9)   Within the R-E District only, accessory uses may also include secondary dwelling units (guest house, caretaker's quarters), for the convenience and necessity of the principal residential use.
   (B)   In all residential districts, detached accessory structures and uses are prohibited in required front yards, but may be located in a required rear and side yard subject to the following provisions:
      (1)   No accessory structure or use shall be located closer than ten feet to any principal building, except as in division (A)(5) and (7) above.
      (2)   On through and corner lots, no accessory building or use shall extend beyond the front yard setback required on the street frontage to the rear/side of the principal structure, except as in division (A)(5) above.
      (3)   No part of an accessory structure or use shall extend to within four feet of any side or rear property line, except fences, walls, and vegetation.
      (4)   No fence, wall or hedge that obstructs sight shall be erected, altered, or placed in any required front yard to exceed a height of four feet above grade.
   (C)   Outdoor storage of interior household furnishings or washing machines, refrigerators, and non-household items is not allowed in residential areas unless specifically permitted by the Schedule of District Regulations or by the Board of Adjustment as a conditional use.
   (D)   Signs, a special type of accessory use, shall be permitted as specified in §§ 157.110 through 157.118.
   (E)   Outdoor storage of trucks and/or trailers larger than two ton capacity is prohibited in residential zoning districts.
(Ord. 101-1986, passed 10-7-86; Am. Ord. 9-1993, passed 1-29-93)  Penalty, see § 157.999