1.   No person shall park a motor truck having a freight capacity greater than one ton, or any trailer, semi-trailer, tractor, road tractor or truck tractor unit, boat, camper, recreational vehicle, motor home or equipment of any type at any time upon any portion of any street except for such reasonable time as may be necessary to load or unload passengers, freight, or other merchandise.
2.   No person shall park any non-licensed construction equipment on a street in a residential neighborhood for any period longer than two hours, except while actively using the equipment during normal working hours.
3.   No person shall stand or park a tractor-trailer or semi-trailer on any street in a residential area for any period longer than two hours, except that the driver of a tractor-trailer or semi-trailer may temporarily stand or park in a residential area for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading or unloading such vehicle. This provision applies to the trailer when disconnected from the tractor or from the vehicle meant to tow or pull the trailer.