51.01   Prohibited use of or discharges into house sewers
   51.02   Injuring or obstructing sewer system generally
   51.03   Discharge of trade wastes for industrial processes into streams
   51.04   Superintendent of Water Department
Connections and Service Policies
   51.15   Procedure on receiving application for connection
   51.16   Connections prerequisite to issuance of certificates of occupancy for new construction
   51.17   Owner to lay service pipes; separate connection for each tenant and each premises
   51.18   Connection permit; making connections; inspection/approval of work
   51.19   Cross-connections with drainage system or soil or waste pipe
   51.20   Size generally of water service pipe
   51.21   Location of curb boxes and stops
   51.22   Size of corporation stops; multiple stops for large services
   51.23   Stopcocks required; access; unauthorized use; consumer to waive rights to and control over
   51.24   Meters; when read; when bills payable
   51.25   Consumers outside town
   51.26   Turning on water without authorization
   51.27   Injuring, defacing or destroying water system
   51.28   Annexation required when service requested
   51.40   Management and control; enforcement
   51.41   Connections required; compliance with town standards and specifications
   51.42   State Board of Health regulations to govern certain properties
   51.43   Separate connections for separate structures; closet and sink required for each family; frost-proof toilets
   51.44   Connections from outside town
   51.45   House sewers; permission to construct; supervision of construction
   51.46   Materials and fittings
   51.47   Prohibited substances
Rates and Charges
   51.60   Tapping fees
   51.61   Monthly service charges; water
   51.62   Sewer service charges
   51.63   Late payment or nonpayment
   51.64   Restoration of service after discontinuance for nonpayment of bills
   Buildings generally, see Chapter 150
   Fire prevention generally, see Chapter 92
   Improvements generally, see Chapter 151
   Plumbing generally, see Chapter 112
   Trailers and trailer parks generally, see Chapter 152
Statutory reference:
   Authority of town to acquire, construct, operate and the like water supply and distribution and sewage collection and disposal systems, see G.S. § 160A-312