General Provisions
   51.01   Definitions
   51.02   Unsanitary deposit of objectionable wastes
   51.03   Discharge of sewage into natural outlets
   51.04   Installation of toilet facilities required; connection to sewer system
   51.05   Use of sewers by dischargers outside city limits
   51.06   Damage to system unlawful
   51.07   Inspections; city's right of entry; indemnification of city and company
   51.08   Board of Public Works to issue licenses
   51.09   Violations; liability of violator
Private Sewage Disposal
   51.20   Use of private sewer system prohibited; exception
   51.21   Permit required; application, fee
   51.22   Inspection by Health Officer prerequisite to effectuation of permit
   51.23   Systems to comply with state recommendations
   51.24   Additional requirements
   51.25   Operation and maintenance
   51.26   Connection to public sewer required upon availability
Building Sewers and Connections
   51.40   Costs to be borne by owner
   51.41   Permit required to uncover or open public sewer; licenses
   51.42   Classes of building sewer permits; application, fee
   51.43   Contractor's insurance required
   51.44   Inspection; notification of plumbing inspector
   51.45   Connections to conform to city requirements
   51.46   Separate building sewers required
   51.47   Connection of old building sewer to new building
   51.48   Design, materials and methods to conform to city regulations
   51.49   Elevation; lifting
   51.50   Connection of surface drain systems into sanitary sewer prohibited
   51.51   Construction in proximity to drinking water supply well
   51.52   Barricading and lighting of excavations; restoration of public property
Use of Public Sewers
   51.65   Discharge of certain waters into sanitary sewer prohibited
   51.66   Systems for discharging unpolluted drainage
   51.67   Prohibited discharges
   51.68   Discharge of harmful wastes
   51.69   Authority of Superintendent regarding industrial or harmful wastes
   51.70   Grease, oil and sand interceptors
   51.71   Pretreatment or flow-equalizing facilities
   51.72   Manholes required
   51.73   Measurements, tests and analyses
   51.74   Permit required for discharge of certain wastes
   51.75   Special agreements
   51.76   Industrial discharge monitoring
   51.77   Emergency notification of dangerous discharge
   51.78   Written report of accidental discharge
Water Pollution Control
   51.85   Water pollution control authority designated
   51.86   Definitions
   51.87   Purpose of subchapter
   51.88   Classes of users
   51.89   City sewer user charge system
   51.90   Out of city users
   51.91   Dedicated fund
   51.92   Collections
   51.93   Liability of owner
   51.94   Liens (sewer)
   51.95   City user appeal procedure
   51.96   Enforcement
   51.97   Sewer user bill relief program for certain homeowners age 65 or over or permanently and totally disabled
   51.99   Penalty
Charter reference:
   Provisions pertaining to sewers, see Charter §§ 3A-2(h) and (i) and Ch. 11, Part C
   Special sewer fund, see Charter § 11F-8
Statutory reference:
   Authority of city to regulate housing drainage, see Conn. Gen. Stat. § 7-148(c)(7)(A)(vii)