(A)   City user billing. The sewer user charge, sewer user surcharge and capital recovery charge (hereinafter collectively referred to as “sewer user bill”) will be invoiced to the property owner of record. The city user shall be charged for the use of the city’s sewerage system beginning in the next billing period following connection to the city’s sewerage system. The minimum annual sewer user bill to each city user as set forth in the schedule of fees, charges, penalties and rewards attached to the annual budget of the city, pursuant to § 41.11 of this code to cover administrative costs, even where connection to the city’s sewerage system is for a period of less than one year. The frequency of billing shall be not more than once per month nor less than once per year. The Bureau shall re-evaluate any and all data and certification statements submitted to it by the city user pursuant to this subchapter, re-evaluate the Bureau’s own data, and/or require or develop additional data as it deems necessary. The Bureau shall subsequently bill the user for any deficiency indicated as due thereafter. The transmittal of any sewer user bill to a city user shall not stop the Bureau from billing for any deficiency determined to exist due to any subsequent re-evaluation.
   (B)   Payment of sewer user bill. Sewer user bills shall be due and payable within one month of the date of issue. The W.P.C.A. is empowered to permit an extension of the due date of up to 30 days. One and one-half percent interest per month shall be added to all bills unpaid after the expiration of the extension of until payment is received. Sewer user bills shall be collected by the Bureau or designated agent and deposited in a special account, designated the “City of Waterbury Sewer Treatment Enterprise Fund”, separate from other city funds, and used solely to operate and maintain the sewerage system, pay debt service costs for the sewerage system and for any other use required and/or permitted by law.
   (C)   Shut off for nonpayment. The Bureau reserves the right to shut off the water to property serviced by the City Water Department, to the extent allowable under federal and state laws and regulations.
(Ord. passed 9-20-1999; Ord. passed 8-19-2013)