§ 51.94  LIENS (SEWER).
   (A)   General rule. The rates or charges regarding the connection with or for the use of the sewerage system of the city, established pursuant to the general statutes pertaining to municipal sewerage systems, if not paid when due, shall constitute a lien upon the premises served and a charge against the owners thereof, which lien and charge shall bear interest at the same rate as would unpaid taxes. The rates or charges shall be collectible as part of the city user's sewer user bill.
   (B)   Delinquent payments. Payments shall be considered delinquent if not paid within 30 days of the date of issuance of the charge.
   (C)   Continuation of lien. Such a lien may continue for the period of time set forth in the general statutes pertaining to the continuation, recording and release of property tax liens and when so continued shall be valid for 15 years. The liens shall take precedence over all other liens or encumbrances except taxes and may be foreclosed against the lot or building served in the same manner as a lien for taxes.
   (D)   Assignment of sewer liens. As permitted by the general statutes the city, by resolution of the Board of Aldermen, may assign, for consideration, any and all liens filed by the Superintendent of Water Pollution Control or Tax Collector to secure unpaid sewerage charges as provided under by the general statutes. The consideration received by the city shall be negotiated between the city and the assignee. The assignee or assignees of the liens shall have and possess the same powers and rights at law or in equity as such city and the City Tax Collector would have had if the lien had not been assigned with regard to the precedence and priority of the lien, the accrual of interest and the fees and expenses of collection. The assignee shall have the same rights to enforce such liens as any private party holding a lien on real property, including, but not limited to, foreclosure and a suit on the debt. Costs and reasonable attorneys' fees, as may be permitted by the general statutes and/or may be ordered by a court, incurred by the assignee as a result of any foreclosure action or other legal proceeding brought pursuant to the general statutes and directly related to the proceeding shall be taxed in any such proceeding against each person having title to any property subject to the proceedings. The costs and fees, if allowable, may be collected by the assignee at any time after demand for payment has been made by the assignee.
   (E)   Civil action authorized. As permitted by the general statutes, the amount of any such rate or charge which remains due and unpaid for 30 days may, with reasonable attorneys' fees, be recovered by the W.P.C.A. in a civil action in the name of the city against the owners. The city shall be subject to the same rates or charges under the same conditions as other users of such sewerage system. Each addition of interest shall be collectible as a part of such connection or user charge. Any such unpaid connection or use charge shall constitute a lien upon the real estate against which the charge was levied from the date it became delinquent.
(Ord. passed 9-20-1999; Ord. passed 5-24-2004)