Part I:  Powers and Duties of the Retirement Board
General Provisions
   35.001   Establishment
   35.002   Membership
   35.003   Administration
   35.004   Removal
   35.005   Pension and Retirement Fund budget
Retirement Board
   35.020   Staff and advisory services
   35.021   Responsibilities of advisors
   35.022   Professional standards for staff and advisors
   35.023   Review and monitoring of the Retirement Board
Part II:  Pension and Retirement Provisions
General Provisions
   35.035   Definitions
   35.036   Participation
   35.037   Vesting
   35.038   Participants' vested benefits
   35.039   Survivor benefits upon death of a vested participant
   35.040   Participant benefit preservation
   35.041   Annual appropriations and contributions
Regular Participants
   35.055   Contributions of regular participants
   35.056   Pension benefits for regular participants
   35.057   Disability retirement pension for regular participants
Firefighter and Police Participants
   35.070   Contributions of police officers and firefighters
   35.071   Pension benefits for firefighter and police participants
   35.072   Death benefits for firefighter and police participants
   35.073   Disability pensions for firefighter and police participants
Teacher Participants
   35.085   Contributions of teacher participants
   35.086   Pension benefits for teacher participants
Other Participants
   35.100   Contributions of other participants
   35.101   Pension benefit for other participants
Administrative Provisions
   35.115   Manner of claiming retirement
   35.116   Nonalienation
   35.117   Appeals
   35.118   Refund of participant contributions
   35.119   Effect of payment under workers' compensation or heart and hypertension
   35.120   Reinstatement
   35.121   Military service
   35.122   Amendment
   35.123   Continued payment to existing pensioners
   35.124   Disability pensioners reports
   35.125   Rehired retirees
   35.126   Determination of disability
   35.127   Tax qualification
   35.128   Administrative error clause
   35.129   Special limitations with respect to qualified domestic partners