(A)   Every disability pensioner receiving or entitled to receive a disability pension may be required upon written request of the Retirement Board to file with the Retirement Board within the 45-day period prior to his first and subsequent anniversary dates of retirement, on forms provided by the Retirement Board, a sworn statement, on a form provided by the Pension and Benefits Office, as to the current health of the participant, whether the participant is employed and the details of the employment. The Retirement Board may request at least one medical examination of any disability pensioner by a physician selected by the Retirement Board or its designee which shall be reviewed by the Retirement Board, independent medical review company or Medical Examination Board established pursuant to § 35.126. Failure to file such evidence of current health statement, the filing of a falsified statement, or the failure to submit to a requested medical examination, may be grounds for immediate suspension of future disability pension payments until such statement is corrected or filed with the Retirement Board or until the examination is completed.
   (B)   In the event the Board determines based on independent medical examination that the disability for which the participant is receiving a disability pension no longer exists, the Board may order discontinuance of the disability pension payable to such participant. In the event the participant’s disability pension is discontinued as provided above, the participant may withdraw his or her pension contribution less disability pension benefits received to date, plus all accumulated interest as provided in § 35.118, or, provided the participant was vested at the time his or her disability pension commenced, the participant may be eligible to receive a vested benefit as defined herein.
(Ord. passed 1-24-2011)