Declaration of Findings
   123.001   Declaration
Statement of Intent and Purpose
   123.015   Intent and purpose
General Provisions
   123.030   Title
   123.031   Incorporation of ordinance into any franchise agreement
   123.032   Rights and duties
   123.033   Open records law
   123.034   Enforcement rights of the city
   123.035   No relationship created
   123.036   Indemnify and hold harmless
   123.037   Unlawful to offer cable services without franchise
   123.038   Authorization for use of rights-of- way required
   123.050   Definitions
Franchise General Provisions
   123.065   Franchise required
   123.066   Nonexclusive
   123.067   Written notice to existing grantees of new applications
   123.068   Franchise for cable service
   123.069   Equal protection
Application for Grant of Franchise
   123.080   Form
   123.081   Application approval by city
Application for Franchise Renewal
   123.095   Parties to follow Cable Act as amended for renewals
Permits for Non-Cable Services
   123.110   Permits
Franchise Provisions
   123.125   Chapter applicable
   123.126   Federal and state law applicable
   123.127   Grantee acknowledgment
Conditions for Use of Rights-of-Way and Construction in City
   123.140   Compliance with rights-of-way laws required by grantee
   123.141   Adverse impact
   123.142   Poles
   123.143   Location of cable system above-ground
   123.144   City rights
   123.145   Underground systems
   123.146   Build-out—new subdivisions
   123.147   Signage
   123.148   Preservation of trees
   123.149   Movement of wires, cables and poles and the like
   123.150   Joint cooperation between other providers, licensees, permittees and grantees
   123.151   Compliance with trench requirements
   123.152   Property damage or repair
   123.153   City’s control over use of rights-of- way
   123.154   Persons’ names, other than grantee, who perform work to be provided to city
   123.155   Record keeping
Permit Requirements
   123.170   Scope of authority
   123.171   Utility permit required
Service Areas and Technical Standards
   123.185   Area served and build-out
   123.186   Cable system compliance with FCC rules and regulations
Emergency Use
   123.200   Emergency alert system
   123.201   Qualified persons to operate EAS equipment
Public, Educational and Governmental Access Channels
   123.215   Equal protection regarding PEG access channels
   123.216   Minimum PEG requirements
   123.217   Same channel designation
   123.218   City approval required to change PEG channel designation
   123.219   Interconnection—access program sharing
   123.220   Use of PEG access channels must conform with law and rules enacted
   123.221   PEG access channels
   123.222   Noncommercial use of PEG access channels
   123.223   PEG access channels to meet FCC technical standards
   123.224   City notification of changes to cable system
   123.225   Digital format
   123.226   Capital grants
Cable Service to Public Buildings
   123.240   Cable service to public buildings
Institutional Network and Services to Public, Educational and Governmental Locations
   123.255   Institutional network and services to public, educational and governmental locations
   123.256   Interconnection of institutional network
   123.257   Equal protection regarding institutional network(s)
Broad Categories of Programs and Services
   123.270   Provision of broad programming
Periodic Evaluation
   123.285   Periodic evaluations
Regulation by the City
   123.300   City may delegate responsibilities
   123.301   Inspection by city
   123.302   Franchise fee
   123.303   Good faith
   123.304   Rate regulation
   123.305   Franchise renewal
   123.306   Franchise terminated
   123.307   Assignment of rights in franchise
Customer Practices
   123.320   Nondiscrimination in customer rates
   123.321   Compliance with Cable Act
   123.322   Written notice
   123.323   Rules promulgated by grantee
Customer Service Standards
   123.335   Compliance with FCC customer service standards
   123.336   Records maintained by grantee
Annual Reports and Records of Grantee
   123.350   Annual reports
   123.351   Records which are to be made available to city
Insurance and Indemnification
   123.365   Indemnify and hold harmless
   123.366   Defend at own cost
   123.367   Insurance requirement
   123.368   Workers’ compensation insurance requirement
   123.369   Auto liability requirement
   123.370   Additional insureds
   123.371   Cancellation of insurance
   123.372   Certificate on file
   123.373   Waiver of subrogation
   123.374   Liability to third parties
   123.375   Survival of obligation
Enforcement and Termination of Franchise
   123.390   Bond requirement
   123.391   Remedies available to city
   123.392   Notice of revocation
   123.393   Franchise enforcement
   123.394   Grantee to retain ownership of cable system upon termination of franchise
   123.395   Noncompliance or default
Miscellaneous Provisions
   123.410   Good faith of both parties
   123.411   Compliance with law
   123.412   Nonwaiver of obligation
   123.413   Application of this chapter
   123.414   Door-to-door sales
Open Video Systems
   123.425   Purpose
   123.426   Applicability
   123.427   Application required
   123.428   Review of the application
   123.429   Agreement required
   123.430   Extension of facilities
   Appendix A:  Application for Cable Franchise (By Name of Applicant)
   Appendix B:  List of Public Buildings to be Connected to Cable Service (City to Provide Exact Addresses for Each Building Location)
   Appendix C:  Franchise Fee Worksheet