The civil service board and/or designee may refuse to examine an applicant or after examination to certify an eligible person and may remove his or her name from the eligible list for any of the following reasons:
   (a)   He or she is found to lack any of the established preliminary requirements for the position and grade for which he or she applies; or where bona fide, physical job requirements exist in a position that cannot be reasonably accommodated;
   (b)   He or she poses a significant risk to the health and safety of others or to property that cannot be eliminated by reasonable accommodations;
   (c)   He or she has been guilty of a crime or immoral conduct;
   (d)   He or she tests positive for drugs or alcohol as a result of an alcohol and drug screening;
   (e)   He or she has been guilty of a dishonest act;
   (f)   He or she has been dismissed from public service for delinquency or misconduct;
   (g)   He or she has used or attempted to use any personal or political influence to further his or her eligibility or appointment;
   (h)   He or she is found by the board to have committed any act, either while in the service of the city or otherwise, or to have any deficiency or disqualification which in the judgment of the board would be sufficiently serious to constitute a just cause for discharge from the city service; or
   (i)   He or she has been found to be deficient in personal qualifications requisite for the position for which he or she applies.
(1957 Rev. Ords., § 3.132; 1992 Code, § 30-36)  (Ord. 87-91, passed 11-25-1991; Ord. 28-00, passed 4-10-2000)