(a)   (1)   Civil service exempt management and classified employees who are laid off will retain their accrued hours of sick leave for 24 months following their layoff. After 24 months of being laid off from city service, all accrued sick leave will not be recognized by the city and eliminated from official records.
      (2)   Any employee who is laid off from the city civil service may not earn or accrue additional sick leave nor be paid for any personal sickness after their layoff. Employees who retire from the city’s service before or during their layoff will be paid for their accrued sick leave according to the provisions of this chapter.
      (3)   Any employee who is reemployed by the city before 24 months have elapsed since their layoff will have their sick leave accrual reinstated, and the employee will earn sick leave at the existing accrual rate.
   (b)   When civil service exempt management and classified employees are laid off from the city’s service, they will be paid for vacation hours earned to date in accordance with § 39.183. If the employee is reemployed with the city before 24 months have elapsed since their layoff, the employee will begin to accrue vacation leave at the same rate as when that employee was laid off. If the employee is rehired after being laid off for 24 months, that employee will accrue vacation benefits at the same rate as a new employee.
   (c)   Under the provisions of the city’s health plan, any civil service exempt management and classified employee that is laid off and later reemployed by the city must apply for and qualify for coverage as a new employee unless reemployed within 18 months of layoff, provided the employee retains and pays for the coverage during the 18-month period of layoff.
   (d)   If the employee is rehired in the same classification and department that the employee held before the layoff took place, there is no requirement for a probationary period if the employee has passed the original probationary period for that classification.
   (e)   Employees called back to their former positions will receive their former regular base salary or hourly rate of pay and all increases in pay which were applied during the period of layoff.
(1992 Code, § 30-54)  (Ord. 37-95, passed 3-6-1995; Ord. 87-97, passed 12-2-1997; Ord. 131-98, passed 12-7-1998; Ord. 4-01, passed 1-8-2001)