(a)   Whenever it becomes necessary to reduce the civil service exempt management and/or classified employee work force in any classification, the appointing officer shall designate the classification in the department from which layoffs shall take place. The person serving in that classification shall be laid off in inverse order of their appointment to that classification, the last one so appointed to be the first one laid off. The temporary appointees in that classification and grade of position shall in all cases be first laid off. The names of the civil service employees laid off shall be placed upon a reinstatement eligible list under the classifications applicable to the employees for two years.
   (b)   Any officer or employee who has been laid off shall be eligible for reinstatement to the position of the same classification and grade and as to the position from which the layoff took place. Whenever it is desired to increase the force or fill a vacancy in any department, the names on the reinstatement eligible list under the appropriate classification shall be certified for reemployment in the same order as originally appointed. They shall be reemployed according to seniority of service, provided that when eligibles upon the reinstatement eligible list have been exhausted, the general eligible lists may be used.
(1992 Code, § 30-53)  (Ord. 37-95, passed 3-6-1995; Ord. 87-97, passed 12-2-1997; Ord. 4-01, passed 1-8-2001)