Title, Purpose and Effect
   159.001   Title
   159.002   Authority
   159.003   Policies of the city
   159.004   Purposes
   159.005   Jurisdiction of the Commission
Definitions; Word Usage
   159.015   Word usage
   159.016   Definitions
Administrative Bodies and Officials
   159.025   Summary of authority
   159.026   Common Council
   159.027   Board of Zoning Appeals
   159.028   Plan Commission
   159.029   Director of Planning and Development
   159.030   Technical Advisory Committee
   159.031   Architectural Review Board
   159.032   Pre-construction Committee
   159.033   Compensation
Zoning Applications and Approvals
   159.040   Applications and hearings
   159.041   Site plan review
   159.042   Conditional use permits
   159.043   Interpretations, appeals, and variances
   159.044   Amendments
   159.045   Permits and certificates of approval
   159.046   Pre-filing application conference
Subdivision Procedure
   159.060   General provisions
   159.061   Subdivision application and approval process
   159.062   Provisions for satisfactory completion and maintenance of improvements
Site Design and Improvement Standards
   159.075   General requirements
   159.076   Monuments
   159.077   Development block and lot layout
   159.078   Transportation system
   159.079   Drainage facilities
   159.080   Sewerage facilities
   159.081   Water facilities
   159.082   Other utilities
   159.083   Preservation of existing natural features and amenities
   159.084   Erosion control plan
   159.085   Soil preservation, grading, and seeding
   159.086   Nonresidential subdivisions and developments
   159.087   Street trees
Plans, Maps, and Zoning Districts
   159.095   Official plan and maps
   159.096   Zoning districts
Zoning Districts
   159.105   General requirements
   159.106   Residential districts
   159.107   Commercial districts
   159.108   Industrial districts
   159.109   Special districts
General Regulations
   159.120   General regulations
   159.121   Accessory uses and structures
   159.122   Home occupations
   159.123   Residential care homes
   159.124   Manufactured homes, individual
   159.125   Bed and breakfast establishments
   159.126   (Reserved)
   159.127   Temporary uses
   159.128   Mobile food vehicles
   159.129   Wireless telecommunications service facilities
   159.130   Sexually oriented business uses
   159.131   Public service facilities
   159.132   Small cell networks and facilities
Off-street Parking and Loading
   159.140   Purpose
   159.141   Scope and application
   159.142   Required off-street parking standards
   159.143   Design and improvement standards for parking lots
   159.144   Parking spaces accessible to the disabled
   159.145   Pedestrian access
   159.146   Parking as a principal use
   159.147   Programs and incentives to reduce parking requirements
   159.148   Required off-street loading
   159.160   Purpose
   159.161   Definitions
   159.162   Sign permits
   159.163   Sign calculations standards
   159.164   Sign design, installation, and maintenance
   159.165   Other sign provisions
   159.166   Permanent signs
   159.167   Temporary signs
   159.168   Miscellaneous signs
   159.169   Exempt signs
   159.170   Prohibited signs
   159.171   Non-conforming signs
   159.172   Designation and ground sign bulk requirements
Landscaping and Screening
   159.180   Purpose
   159.181   Application
   159.182   Definitions
   159.183   Design standards and guidelines
   159.184   Parking lot landscaping
   159.185   Building base landscaping
   159.186   Landscape buffer yards
   159.187   Screening
   159.188   Street trees
   159.189   Inspection
   159.190   Change to an approved landscape plan
   159.191   Installation and maintenance
   159.192   Natural area protection
Environmental Performance Standards
   159.200   Performance standards (general)
   159.201   Lighting
   159.202   Glare and heat
   159.203   Noise
   159.204   Odors
   159.205   Smoke and particulate matter
   159.206   Vibration
   159.207   Noxious or toxic materials
   159.208   Fire and explosive hazards
   159.209   Solid waste and water materials
   159.210   Electrical disturbance
Non-conforming Uses and Structures
   159.220   General regulations
   159.221   General standards of applicability
   159.222   Non-conforming lots
   159.223   Non-conforming uses of land
   159.224   Non-conforming structures
   159.225   Non-conforming uses of structures or of structures and land in combination
   159.226   Nonconforming characteristics of use
   159.227   Non-conforming uses in the Flood Hazard (FH) District
   159.228   Nonconforming signs
   159.229   Non-conforming status for R1 and R1/PD Subdivisions
   159.240   Authority
   159.241   Complaints regarding violations
   159.242   Persons liable
   159.243   Right of entry
   159.244   Procedures upon discovery of violations
   159.245   Stop work orders
   159.246   Revocation of development approvals
   159.247   Appeals
   159.248   Private remedies reserved
   159.999   Penalty
   Appendix A:   Schedule of Fees, Charges and Expenses
   Appendix B:   Applications
   Appendix C:   Schedule of Uses
   Appendix C-1: Schedule of Uses - Federal Hill Planned Development
   Appendix D:    Procedures for Applications
   Appendix E:   Fire Department Access and Water Supply and Fire Hydrant Specifications
   Appendix F:   Noblesville Standards
   Appendix G:    Central Core Map
   Appendix H:   City of Noblesville Stormwater Technical Standards Manual
   Appendix I:   Historic Demolition Area
   Appendix J:   Former County Zoning Sites
   Appendix K:   Pervious Concrete Pavement Design Standards
Table 1
Right-of-Way and Pavement Widths
Table 2
Pavement Surfacing
Table 3
Illumination Guidelines
Table 4
Zoning District Equivalency Table
Table 5
Summary of Residential Bulk Requirements
Table 6
Summary of Commercial Bulk Requirements
Table 7
Summary of Industrial Bulk Standards
Table 7a
Development Standards and Prohibitions by Land Use and Overlay Zoning District
Table 8
Calculating Parking for Bars and  Restaurant Combinations
Table 9
Required Parking Spaces
Table 10
Off-Street Parking Dimensions
Table 10.0.5
Accessible Parking Spaces Required by the ADA
Table 12
Schedule of Mixed Use Parking Calculations
Table 13
Schedule of Off-Street Loading Requirements
Table 13.4
    Sound Limits
Table 14a
Permitted Signs—Commercial Districts
Table 14b
Permitted Signs—Industrial Districts
Table 14c
Permitted Signs—Institutional Uses in Residential Districts
Table 12.0.4.B.
Additional Permitted Landscape Materials
Table 12.0.5.C.1.
Interior Parking Lot Landscape Requirements
Table 12.0.5.D.2.
Perimeter Parking Lot Landscaping Requirements
Table 12.0.6.
Building Base Landscaping Requirements
Table 12.0.7.E.
Landscape Buffer Yard Requirements
Table 12.0.12.D.
Tree Preservation Credits
Table 12.0.12.E.j.
Tree Preservation Replacement Requirement
   Illicit discharge and connection, see §§ 52.01 et seq.
   Stormwater runoff associated with construction and post-construction activities, see §§ 52.30 et seq.