The jurisdiction of the Commission is the territory in which the Plan Commission has statutory authority to adopt a Master Plan and to enforce the Building, Zoning and Subdivision Regulations, a part of the Unified Development in the following geographical areas. The city and the unincorporated territory contiguous to the city located in Delaware, Fall Creek, and Noblesville Townships described as follows:
   (A)   Delaware Township, an area bounded on the west by the railroad tracks, Delaware/Noblesville Township Line on the north, on the east by State Road No. 37, and on the south by the north right-of-way line of East 141st Street;
   (B)   Fall Creek Township, an area bounded on the north by the Fall Creek/Noblesville Township line, on the east by the Hamilton/Madison County line and on the south by Interstate 69 and East 136th Street between the Hamilton/Madison County line and Marilyn Road, also East 141st Street between Marilyn Road and Howe Road; thence northerly following Howe Road to the southeast corner of a Parcel (Deed #2001-7191); thence westerly on and along the south line to the southwest corner of said parcel; thence northerly on and along the west line of said parcel to a point on the Fall Creek/Noblesville Township line; thence west to intersect with Cumberland Road. As delineated on a map entitled "Town of Fishers, City of Noblesville Joinder Agreement Map" filed with the Recorder of Hamilton County as an exhibit of the Interlocal Agreement of November 23, 2004 between the Common Council and the Town of Fishers Town Council modifying the previous Joinder Agreement between the city and the Townships of Delaware and Fall Creek, passed by the Common Council on September 11, 1973 and filed in the Miscellaneous Records on January 17, 1974 to transfer the planning and zoning jurisdiction in the unincorporated areas of Fall Creek and Delaware Townships excluding areas described above to the Town of Fishers; and
   (C)   Noblesville Township, all of the land within two miles of the corporate limits of the city as per County Resolution 6-12-95 (8).
(Ord. 62-12-95, passed 1-22-96; Am. Ord. 56-11-07, passed 12-11-07)