§ 159.169  EXEMPT SIGNS.
   The following signs are subject only to the regulations of this subchapter:
   (A)   Government signs and legal notices.
   (B)   Memorial plaques and cornerstones and governmental historical markers.
   (C)   Flags of any country state, unit of local government or not-for-profit organization.
   (D)   Flags - not to exceed a total of four flags on a property.
   (E)   Nameplates that do not exceed two square feet in size and are permanently affixed upon a building or structure.
   (F)   Address numbers.
   (G)   Public information signs identifying telephones, restrooms, and similar facilities. Advertising copy is not permitted on these signs.
   (H)   Menu sign.
   (I)   Traffic control and government information signs.
   (J)   Letters or numbers less than three inches in height, if a part of a wall sign or window sign.
   (K)   Letters less than 19 inches in height carved into or securely attached in such a manner that they are an architectural detail of a building, provided they are not illuminated apart from the building, are not made of reflective material, and are the same color as the building, and does not exceed one inch in thickness.
   (L)   Incidental signs.
   (M)   A sign that does not advertise or identify goods, a service, or an enterprise and which is provided solely for the convenience or education of the public. This type of sign may include a building's date of construction, a monument citation, commemorative inscription, or similar historic information.
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